Illustrated by Nina Brisley

The true spirit of Christmas is alive and well in this beautiful collection of traditional Christmas stories for young children by one of Britain’s great storytellers: Elizabeth Clark. With collections of stories in print for nearly a century, Clark has been enjoyed around the world for her gentle warmth, and perfect narrative style. Her understanding of young children’s imaginations, is indicated by the huge success that her small story books enjoyed when first printed. They are now available again from Pikku as THE ELIZABETH CLARK STORY BOOKS

This collection of her traditional Christmas stories has been brought together for the first time in this gorgeous volume.

Nina Brisley was a celebrated illustrator of children’s story books, the youngest of three sisters. Joyce Lankester Brisley, the middle sister was the author of the Milly-Molly-Mandy books, and Nina was the illustrator of the Chalet School books, among many others.

Publication October 2017
£10.99 hardcover with gold foiling
80 pages 9.5” x 6.5” 238 mm x 168 mm
ISBN: 978-09934884-6-7

The Observer, October 2016

Elizabeth Clark: ‘a forgotten star of storytelling’