by William Papas, a Kate Greenaway commended author.

One day proud Mr Peacock asks kind Mrs Owl to take his child’s lunch to school. Mrs Owl agrees, but asks how she will know which is his child. Mr Peacock replies, ‘Just look for the most beautiful child there.’ Mrs Owl tries, but in the end she can’t deliver the lunch, because, as she informs Mr Peacock, she can’t manage to find a child more beautiful than her own.S

With wonderful wit and dazzling colours, Papas’s sparkling work refreshes the spirit like nothing else! A timeless classic which will children everywhere will love and remember.

Nina Brisley was a celebrated illustrator of children’s story books, the youngest of three sisters. Joyce Lankester Brisley, the middle sister was the author of the Milly-Molly-Mandy books, and Nina was the illustrator of the Chalet School books, among many others.

Publication: October 2018

Hardcover £10.99

24 pages 280 mm x 215 mm

ISBN: 978-09934884-9-8